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4th March, 2023

The Role of Human Resource Development Professionals in Accelerating Growth in Contemporary Organizations

Isaac Sardello Kodzo Agbesi

Human resource development is a framework for managing, enhancing, and maximizing employee skills, capabilities, and proficiencies within an organization. These roles are performed by HRD professionals or practitioners in order to elevate contemporary organizations to a higher pedestal where they have the capability to meet global standards and also survive competition to remain solvent and profitable. This paper looks at the role of HRD professionals in accelerating growth in contemporary organizations. It further discusses the various definitions of HRD, components of HRD, functions of HRD, HRD practices and interventions, role of HRD in organizational growth and the challenges HRD professionals face.  Findings from extant studies consulted revealed that HRD interventions and practices in organizations have a direct impact on building of employee skills, which is very instrumental in enhancing organizational effectiveness. This review paper possesses the potential to aid HR managers and other decision makers in contemporary companies to develop techniques and also strategize to enable them to improve employee competency. It will further serve as a resource in formulating effective and efficient HRD interventions to help improve the ability of employees to the attainment of targeted goals in an organization.

International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies and Innovative Research

Volume: 11
Issue: 1
Page numbers: 57-62
ISSN or DOI: 2737-7172
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