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A Path Analysis of Psychotic Symptoms among Persons with Schizophrenia using Methamphetamines
Coping strategies, methamphetamines, path analysis, psychotic symptoms, schizophrenia, self-efficacy

Knowledge of psychotic symptoms among persons with schizophrenia influenced by methamphetamine use guides the design of nursing innovations to maximize positive patient outcomes. This cross-sectional,... 1 year ago

Levels of Perceived Need for Mental Health Care among High School Students with Depression: A Study in the East Gonja Municipality, Ghana
Richmond Nketia, Uzairu Shaibu, Prosper T. Luri
Perceived need, mental care, depression, student, East Gonja

In Ghana, about 13% (~ 4 million) of the population suffers from a mental disorder, ranging from mild and moderate (7%) to severe forms (3%) of mental illness. However, treatment gap for mental dis... 1 year ago

Parent-Adolescent Communication on Sexual and Reproductive Health: Perceptions and Experiences of Out-Of-School Adolescent Mothers in the East Gonja Municipality, Ghana
Richmond Nketia
Parent, Adolescent, Perception, Experience, Sexual and Reproductive Health

Social institutions such as family have an important role to play in shaping adolescent sexual behaviour, and parents remain central to this responsibility. Available evidence suggests that adolesc... 1 year ago

Explaining Government Expenditure and Growth Rate Dynamics in Ghana: A Vector Error Correction Model
Williams Awuma, Ngontoloum Ribar Bonheur
Granger causality, government expenditure, gross domestic product, relationship

This paper examined the Granger-causality relationship between public expenditure and real capita GDP in Ghana, using aggregate data for a sample of 59 years, over the period of 1961–2020. Econometr... 1 year ago

Super-Resolution Using Enhanced U-Net for Brain MRI Images
Dalei Jiang, Zifei Han, Xiaohan Zhu, Yang Zhou, Hang Yang
Image Super-Resolution, Machine Learning, Transfer Learning, Convolutional Kernel

Super-resolution is an important technique in image processing. It overcomes some hardware limitations failing to get the high-resolution images. After machine learning gets involved, the super-resolu... 1 year ago

Propagation Model Optimization Based on Ion Motion Optimization Algorithm for Efficient Deployment of eLTE Network
Deussom Djomadji Eric Michel, Tsague Njatsa Austene Beldine, Tonye Emmanuel
Drive Test, IMO, Propagation Models, Root Mean Square Error

Propagation models are the foundation for radio planning in mobile networks. They are widely used during feasibility studies and initial network deployment, or during network extensions, particularly ... 1 year ago

Design and Implementation of a Programming Learning Support System Using the Concepts of Physical Visualization and Serious Gaming
Noriyuki Ishiguro, Yusuke Saitoh, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Hirohide Haga
Serious Gaming, Augmented Reality, Visual Programming, Constraint Visualization

The purpose of this research is the design and implementation of a support system for learning programming. To archive this purpose, in this article, we propose a Puzzle Programming System that uses j... 1 year ago

Rural/Urban Variations in Diabetes Self-Care in a Sample of Ghanaian Adults with Type Ii Diabetes: A Study in the East Gonja Municipality
Richmond Nketia
Rural, Urban, Diabetes Self-Care, Ghana, Type II Diabetes

More recently, there has been a greater focus on nutrition and physical activity as key determinants of health. Available evidence suggests that community of residence drive unhealthy diets and se... 1 year ago

Factors Affecting Fat and Fibre Consumption of Ghanaian Pregnant Women: Findings from a Hospital-based Study
Richmond Nketia, Emmanuella P. Obeng, Benjamin K. Asamoah
Fat, Fibre, Consumption, Ghanaian, Pregnant Woman

Dietary behaviours are key modifiable factors that can significantly affect pregnancy outcomes. An understanding of these behaviours, including their variability according to socio-economic status a... 1 year ago

Occupational Health and Safety Issues among Artisans in the Bibiani Municipality
Mohammed Alhaji Ishak, Daniel Obeng-Ofori
Health, artisans, health and safety, occupational health

This study sought to identify and document key issues affecting occupational health and safety among artisans in the informal sector in the Bibiani Municipality of the Western North Region of Ghana.... 1 year ago

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