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Clinical Efficacy of Cervical Length and Volume for Prediction of Labor Onset in VBAC Candidates
Yun Sung Jo, Gui Se Ra Lee, Narinay Kim, Dong Gyu Jang, Sa Jin Kim, Young Lee
Cervical length, Cervical volume, VBAC, Labor.

Background: The purpose of this research is to discover whether measurement of cervical length and cervical volume at term is helpful in predicting the onset of labor in VBAC candidates. Methods: Tr... 5 months ago

Correlations between Oxidative DNA Damage, Oxidative Stress and Coenzyme Q10 in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
Yüksel KAYA1 , Ayşegül ÇEBİ2, Nihat SÖYLEMEZ1 , Halit DEMİR3 , Hamit Haka...
CoenzymeQ10, 8-hydroxy-2’-deoxyguanosine, Malondialdehyde, Oxidative stress, Antioxidants, Coronary Artery Disease.

The correlation of coronary artery disease (CAD) with pro-oxidant/antioxidant balance and oxidative DNA damage was investigated. Seventy-seven patients with CAD and 44 healthy individuals as control... 5 months ago

Early Childhood Special Education: Insights from Educators and Families
Marie Tejero Hughes, Diana Martinez Valle-Riestra
early childhood; special education; family; students with disabilities

Programs and services designed to meet the needs of young children with disabilities have increased substantially in recent years, often times without evaluating how effective the programs and servi... 5 months ago

The Integration and Functional Evaluation of Rabbit Pacing Cells Transplanted into the Left Ventricular Free Wall
Zhihui Zhang, Zhiyuan Song, Jun Cheng, Yaoming Nong, Lu Wei, Changhai Zhang
mHCN4, Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell, Subepicardial transplantation, Biological pacing

To evaluate the feasibility of cell transplantation to treat bradyarrhythmia, we analyzed the in vivo integration and pacing function after transplantation of mHCN4-modified rabbit bone marrow mesen... 5 months ago

The Use of a Scoring Rubric in an Online Research Methodology Course
Kayla Bartlett, Jacqui Floyd, Shanda Davis, Greg Haas, Kathy Cox, Anthony J. Onw...
research course, performance assessment, online, research methods, rubric

Research methodology courses can be the most difficult courses in master’s-level programs representing the social, behavioral, and health sciences because, in these courses, students typically are... 5 months ago

Towards 4G Mobile Technology: Identifying Windows of Opportunity for A Developing Country
Muhammad Suryanegara, Kumiko Miyazaki
4G, Developing country; Innovation, Mobile technology, Windows of opportunity

Mobile technology is continuously evolving towards the development of fourth generation (4G) cellular telephony. Many countries are anticipating such a new technological deployment while developing co... 5 months ago

Frequency of Pulmonary Hypertension in Patients with COPD due to Biomass Smoke and Tobacco Smoke
Bunyamin Sertogullarindan1, Hasan Ali Gumrukcuoglu2 , Cengizhan Sezgi3 , Mehmet ...
COPD, Pulmonary Hypertension, Environmental pollutants, Smoking

Objectives; Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a common and well established complication of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Its presence is associated with decreased survival. This study ... 5 months ago

Do Sales of Men's Underwear Really Predict the State of the Economy?
Phil Smith
Apparel consumption, Economic forecasting, Men’s underwear index, Recession, World economy

Alan Greenspan, the then Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, was reported in 1997 to have studied men’s underwear sales, to provide an early warning for recession in the US economy. Since then many ... 5 months ago

Language Learning Strategy Use and Concept Development among Jordanian Undergraduate English Language Majors
Mohammad Al-Jabali
: Learning strategies, Jordanian, Concept development, Strategy Inventory

This study investigated, for two continuous years, the level of use of foreign language learning strategies (FLLSs). It also investigated their development in terms of the study-semester and gender ... 5 months ago

The Development of A Database Program for Fatal Electrocution and Fatal Fall Accidents in Construction Industry
Emmidia Djonaedi, Chia-Fen Chi, Fauzia Dianawati, T.Yuri Zagloel
Accident analysis; Database program, Fatal falls and electrocution, Construction industry, Accident database

Classifying accident information into a specific categories provides inspectors with data needed for accident analysis and subsequent decision-making. This research proposes development of a database ... 5 months ago

Omeprazole-and Esomeprazole-associated Hypomagnesaemia: Data Mining of the Public Version of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System
Takao Tamura, Toshiyuki Sakaeda, Kaori Kadoyama, Yasushi Okuno
Adverse Drug Events, Proton Pump Inhibitors, Data Mining, Pharmacovigilance.

Objective: Case reports showing that proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs), omeprazole and esomeprazole, can cause hypomagnesaemia have been accumulating since 2006. In this study, the reports submitted to ... 5 months ago

Manipulating Critical Thinking Skills in Test Taking
Mansoor Fahim, Maryam Pezeshki
Critical Thinking, The RACE Model, Test Taking

Critical thinking ability is a difficult concept to define. It involves reasoning and active consideration of what is received rather than a forthright acceptance of the ideas. It has been argued th... 5 months ago

Climate change, Consumption, Food systems, Production, Sustainability
Rory Padfield, Effie Papargyropoulou, Chris Preece
Climate change, Consumption, Food systems, Production, Sustainability

In the past decade, a small but growing body of research has drawn attention to the environmental concerns of rising greenhouse gas emissions associated with the consumption and production of food; th... 5 months ago

The Postmodern Curriculum in a Modern Classroom
Marius Boboc
Curriculum, Postmodernism, Education

This article is intended to formulate several points of interest in the study of various forms postmodern curricula take in our contemporary classrooms. A critical look at the state of the latter po... 5 months ago

Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumors: Predictive Factors of Recurrence by Ki-67 and AgNOR Labelling
Firat Selvi1, Merva Soluk Tekkesin2 , Sirmahan Cakarer1 , S. Cemil Isler1 , Ceng...
Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumors, Ki-67, AgNOR

Purpose: The purpose of the present study was to investigate the possible role of Ki-67 and argyrophilic nucleolar organizing regions (AgNOR) between the recurrent and nonrecurrent keratocystic odon... 5 months ago

Investigating Commute Mode and Route Choice Variabilities in Jakarta Using Multi-Day GPS Data
Zainal N. Arifin, Kay W. Axhausen
This paper reports on findings regarding the day-to-day dynamic behavior of commuters’ mode and route choices in Jakarta. Ninety-three commuters using Global Positioning System (GPS) devices during a one-week period were observed. The observation proves t

This paper reports on findings regarding the day-to-day dynamic behavior of commuters’ mode and route choices in Jakarta. Ninety-three commuters using Global Positioning System (GPS) devices during ... 5 months ago

A Power Transitions Perspective on Economic and Educational Equity: An Unfolding Epilogue for the Arab Spring?
James Barbre
: Power Transitions Theory, Arab Spring, Gender Roles, Equity, Economics, Education, Precedent, Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction

The events of the Arab Spring have not unfolded in any final sense. As a result, social forces are moving across North Africa and the Middle East and compelling a close look at the precedent that na... 5 months ago

Congenital Bronchial Atresia: Diagnosis and Treatment
Yuqi Wang, Weimin Dai, Yu'e Sun, Xiangyang Chu, Bo Yang, Ming Zhao
Bronchial Atresia, Lung, Diagnosis, Surgical Treatment

This study aimed to retrospectively summarize the clinical signs, diagnosis, and treatment of congenital bronchial atresia (CBA) in 12 patients. Chest radiographs and computed tomographic (CT) images... 5 months ago

Experimental Study on Temperature Profile of Fixed-Bed Gasification of Oil-Palm Fronds
Shaharin A. Sulaiman, Samson M. Atnaw, M. Nazmi Z. Moni
Biomass; Gasification ; Oil-palm frondsBiomass; Gasification ; Oil-palm fronds

Currently the world’s second largest palm oil producer Malaysia produces a large amount of oil palm biomass each year. Although some oil palm parts and derivatives like empty fruit bunch and fibre h... 5 months ago

The Performance of Diesel Engine Using Biodiesel Fuel from Rubber Seed Oil Production by Catalytic Method
I Wayan Susila, Rachimoellah , I Nyoman Sutantra
Catalytic and non-catalytic, CI engine, Dry wash system, RSOME

The performance test of CI engine which uses biodiesel fuel from vegetable oils and its blends with diesel fuel is essential to be carried out. This research investigates the quality of rubber seed oi... 5 months ago

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