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Synthesis of LTO Nanorods with AC/Nano-Si Composite as Anode Material for Lithium-ion Batteries
Anne Zulfia, Yohana Ruth Margaretha, Bambang Priyono, Achmad Subhan
Kinetics, Long-term operation, Pipeline steels, Pre-strain, Strain-aging

In this study, the synthesis of lithium titanate (LTO) composite with 3 wt% activated carbons (AC) and 10 wt%, 15 wt%, as well as 20 wt% of nano silicon (nano-Si) are carried out. LTO has zero-strain ... 4 months ago

Nanostructural Growth Investigation of ZnO Nanorods Derived from Chemical Bath Deposition for Transparent Heater Application
Akhmad Herman Yuwono, Lalu Suhaimi, Nofrijon Sofyan, Donanta Dhaneswara, Ghiska ...
Bandgap, Crystallinity, Crystallite size, Post-hydrothermal treatment, ZnO nanoparticles

One dimensional Zinc Oxide (ZnO) nanostructures in the forms of nanowire, nanorod, nanotube have been attracting scientific and technology interests in the last few years. This current study investiga... 4 months ago

Comparison Study of the Bio-degradation Property of Polylactic Acid (PLA) Green Composites Reinforced by Kenaf Fibers
Siti Norasmah Surip, Wan Nor Raihan Wan Jaafar
Void fraction, Pressure drop, Two-phase flow, Boiling, Propane

Degradation of polylactic acid (PLA) was studied to investigate the best method of degradation to assist in reducing environmental pollution. Two condition of testing were conducte... 4 months ago

Characteristics of Nano Rosette TiO2 Hydrothermally Grown on a Glass Substrate at Different Reaction Time and Acid Concentration
Nofrijon Sofyan, Akhmad Herman Yuwono, Aga Ridhova, Joseph Wu
International Journal of Medical Sciences

The characteristics of nano rosette TiO2 hydrothermally grown on a glass substrate at different reaction times and acid concentrations has been examined. The hydrothermal reaction was performed a... 4 months ago

PVdF-HFP Quasi-solid-state Electrolyte for Application in Dye-sensitized Solar Cells
Farish Irfal Saaid, Tseung-Yuen Tseng, Tan WinieFarish Irfal Saaid, Tseung-Yuen ...
I-V characteristics, P-I-N diode, SOI, Sensor, Temperature

A quasi-solid-state polymer electrolyte is prepared by incorporating poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) (PVdF-HFP) in a propylene carbonate (PC) / 1,2-dimethoxyethane (DME) / 1-methyl-3-... 4 months ago

Solid Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries
Jovanio Junior, Rogério Marcos, Carlos Tenório, Alexandre Mateus, Ciro Egoavil
Mechanical properties, Microstructure, Natural fibers

The use of solid electrolytes to produce an all-solid-state lithium battery is regarded as one promising alterative for improved safety. In this work, the researchers synthesized cubic garne... 4 months ago

Simulation of Hydrotreating of Vegetable Oil in a Slurry Bubble Column Reactor for Green Diesel Production
Yuswan Muharam, Adinda Diandri Putri
oisture content; Quality tests; Vacuum system; Warp measurement

The purpose of this research is to obtain a mathematical model of the hydrotreating of vegetable oil in a slurry bubble column reactor to produce green diesel using an NiMo-P/Al2O3 catalyst.... 4 months ago

Enhanced Activity of TiO2/Natural Zeolite Composite for Degradation of Methyl Orange under Visible Light Irradiation
Arif Rahman, Muktiningsih Nurjayadi, Rika Wartilah, Eny Kusrini, Eko Adi Prasety...
Indonesian, morphology, Porter, stemming

A series of titanium dioxide nanoparticles anchored on mordenite zeolite from an Indonesian natural deposit were prepared by the sol-gel route using a titanium isopropoxide sol as the precur... 4 months ago

Performance Test and Operating Condition Optimization of Parallel Plate Plasma Reactor for Carbon Dioxide Decomposition
Renno Afriansyah, Sheila Nadhifa, Setijo Bismo
Heat exchanger, Horizontal pipe, Slugging, Steam condensation, Two-phase flow

 dielectric barrier discharge (DBD)  reactor for carbon dioxide (CO2) decomposition was developed to address the current phenomena of CO2 emissions exceeding 400 ppm in the atmosphere. ... 4 months ago

Solubilized Chitosan Biopolymers for Sequestration of Organic Acids in Aquatic Environments after Biodegradation in a Constructed Wetland Treatment System
Mohamed H Mohamed, Chukwuemeka Ajaero, Dena W McMartin, Kerry M Peru, Vanessa Fr...
Unsaturated clean sand, Undrained cyclic triaxial testing, Cyclic shear strain

Pristine chitosan was dissolved in two different respective aqueous acids, namely acetic acid (AcA) and hydrochloric acid (HCl). The respective acid solutions were used as media to associate with naph... 4 months ago

Adsorption of Lanthanide Ions from an Aqueous Solution in Multicomponent Systems Using Activated Carbon from Banana Peels (Musa Paradisiaca L.)
Eny Kusrini, Diara D. Kinastiti, Lee Wilson, Anwar Usman, Arif Rahman
Inpatient ward, Isovist, Spatial configuration, Visibility

Lanthanides in aqueous waste streams have received great attention due to their ability to pollute the environment. Therefore, efforts have been devoted to adsorbing lanthanides from waste industries.... 4 months ago

Sulfur Dioxide Gas Adsorption Study using Mixed Activated Carbon from Different Biomass
Nurul Shazlinie Abdul Shukor, Azil Bahari Alias, Mohd Azlan Mohd Ishak, Raja Raz...
Decision Support System (DSS), Global manufacturing, Kaizen case-base, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Knowledge management

Activated carbon produced from coconut shell and rubber seed pericarp has a great potential to be used as gas adsorbent. Most researchers, however, focus on producing activated car... 4 months ago

Fabrication of Chitosan Nanoparticles Containing Samarium Ion Potentially Applicable for Fluorescence Detection and Energy Transfer
Anwar Usman, Eny Kusrini, Andikaputra Brahma Widiantoro, Esza Hardiya, Nurul Ali...
Higher Education, Information Systems, Innovation, Strategic Management

Chitosan is a natural polysaccharide that has ideal properties as a polymer nanoparticle for drug delivery applications because it is easy to synthesize, inexpensive, biocompatible, biodegradable, non... 4 months ago

Preparation of Layered Double Hydroxides with Different Divalent Metals for the Adsorption of Methyl Orange Dye from Aqueous Solutions
Mazidah Mamat1* , Mohd Aidil Adhha Abdullah1 , Maisara Abdul Kadir1 , Adila Moha...
Fe3O4@ZnO nanocomposite, Methylene blue, Photocatalytic activity, Photodegradation, Wet milling

In this study, layered double hydroxides (LDHs) with different divalent metal cations were prepared and then utilized as adsorbent for the removal of dye from aqueous solutions. LDHs are positively ... 4 months ago

Vapor Adsorption Transient Test Facility for Dehumidification and Desorption Studies
Mohsen Shakouri, Easwaran N Krishnan, Leila Dehabadi, Abdalla H Karoyo, Carey J ...
Barium hexaferrite, Ceramic magnets, Hematite, Iron sand, Magnetite

The steady state performance testing of industrial-scale energy wheels requires large-scale and advanced instrumentation to analyze large volumes of data. In order to address the feasibility of labora... 4 months ago

Exploring Potential Materials, Science, and Technology for Improvements in Reusing Energy and Waste
Eny Kusrini, Eko Adhi Setiawan, Nofrijon Sofyan
Feasibility study, Trans-Sumatera Toll Road, System dynamic, Value engineering

Exploring the science and engineering of new approaches to energy and waste reuse is both a very important and very interesting issue. There have been great efforts made to find potential materials, s... 4 months ago

Halal Logistics Performance and Customer Loyalty: From the Literature Review to a Conceptual Framework
ilyas Masudin, Faradilla Witha Fernanda, Widayat Widayat
Fe3O4@ZnO nanocomposite, Methylene blue, Photocatalytic activity, Photodegradation, Wet milling

Customer loyalty has become the most important goal of companies’ logistics and supply chain divisions. In a Muslim country such as Indonesia, halal products have the potential power to foster ... 4 months ago

Resilient Structure Assessment using Cobb-Douglas Production Function: The Case of the Indonesian Metal Industry
Jovanio Junior, Rogério Marcos, Carlos Tenório, Alexandre Mateus, Ciro Egoavil
Hold-up, Mean drop diameter, Rotating sieved disc contactor

The metal industry in Indonesia is facing greater risks and challenges locally and globally. Therefore, decision makers in this industry should be able not only to be competitive in the mark... 4 months ago

Critical Success and Moderating Factors Effect in Indonesian Public Universities’ Business Incubators
Lina Gozali, Maslin Masrom, Teuku Yuri M Zagloel, Habibah Norehan Haron, Dahmir ...
I-V characteristics, P-I-N diode, SOI, Sensor, Temperature

This study aims to examine the effect of critical success and moderating factors in Indonesian public universities’ business incubators. The study of business incubators benefits university professo... 4 months ago

The Effect of Fiber Orientation and Stress Ratio on the Crack Growth Behavior of Fiber Metal Laminates (FMLs)
Anindito Purnowidodo, Khairul Anam, Djarot B. Darmadi, Ari Wahjudi
Jakyakgamcho-Tang, Functional dyspepsia, Network pharmacology, Traditional medicine

The crack growth behavior of fiber metal laminates (FMLs) with fiber orientations of 90°/0° and 45°/45° to load direction was investigated with varying stress ratios of the cyclic consta... 4 months ago

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