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Effective Supervision from Research Students’ Perspective
Izah Mohd Tahir, Norizan Abdul Ghani, Engku Suhaimi Engku Atek, Zulkifli A Manaf
supervisors, effective supervision, graduate research students, friendly, approachable

There are many factors that determine the success of research students in doing their postgraduate programs. Of these are the supervisors and effective supervision. The aim of this paper is to ident... 9 months ago

Predictive Modeling for an Industrial Naphtha Reforming Plant using Artificial Neural Network with Recurrent Layers
Sepehr Sadiigh, Reza Seif Mohaddecy
Artificial neural network, Catalytic naphtha reforming, Lifecycle, Modeling, Simulation

In this research, a layered-recurrent artificial neural network (ANN) using the back-propagation method was developed for simulation of a fixed-bed industrial catalytic reforming unit called Platforme... 9 months ago

Categorical Variables in Regression Analysis: A Comparison of Dummy and Effect in coding
Hussain Alkharusi
categorical variables; regression analysis; coding methods; dummy coding; effect coding; dummy variables

The use of categorical variables in regression involves the application of coding methods. The purpose of this paper is to describe how categorical independent variables can be incorporated into reg... 9 months ago

Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Design and Technology: Improving Project/Product Performance
Mohammed Ali Beraw

The use of modeling and simulation (M&S) to increase project or product performance within engineering design and technology is well recognized. The reasons for increasing the use of modeling and ... 9 months ago

Effects of Lipid Emulsion and Multivitamins on the +Growth of Microorganisms in Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition Solutions
Takashi Kuwahara1, Shinya Kaneda1, Kazuyuki Shimono1, Yoshifumi Inoue2
Microbial growth, Parenteral nutrition, Lipid Emulsion, Multivitamins, PPN, BSI

Background: Blood stream infections caused by Bacillus cereus or Serratia marcescens in patients receiving peripheral parenteral nutrition (PPN) have occasionally been reported in Japan, but these m... 9 months ago

Exploiting LDPC Codes For Improving The Performance of Clipped-OFDM System
Filbert H. Juwono, Yudhi Triprasetyo, Dadang Gunawan
Classical Clipping, Deep Clipping, LDPC Codes, OFDM, PAPR, Smooth Clipping

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is a multicarrier transmission technique that becomes the best choice in wireless high-data-rate transmission. The drawbacks of OFDM are high Peak-to-... 9 months ago

Attribution Theory, Personality Traits, and Gender Differences among EFL Learners
Azar Hosseini Fatemi, Arezoo Asghari
attribution theory, ATFLL questionnaire, personality, NEO-Five Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI), gender difference

This study was designed to determine whether there is any association between learners' personality traits and their sets of attributions in learning English as a foreign language, regarding their g... 9 months ago

Experimental Study on The Replacement of HFC-R134A by Hydrocarbons Mixture in Automotive Air Conditioner
Mohd Rozi Mohd Perang, Henry Nasution, Zulkarnain Abdul Latiff, Azhar Abdul Aziz...
Air conditioning, Automotive, Energy saving, HCR-134a, Performance

Performance characteristics of the current automotive air conditioning system have been evaluated in this experimental study which will evaluate the power consumption, cabin temperature and coefficien... 9 months ago

Strategies-Based ESP Instruction (SBI) of Reading Comprehension: Male vs. Female Students
Seyyed Hossein Kashef, Ayoob Damavand, Azizollah Viyani
: strategies-based instruction (SBI), ESP, gender, reading comprehension

The present study aimed at exploring the effect of a Strategies-Based Instruction (SBI) on improving male and female students' reading comprehension ability in an ESP context. The main assumption wa... 9 months ago

Intercalation of Anthranilate Ion Into Zinc-Aluminium-Layered Double Hydroxide
Mazidah Mamat, Eny Kusrini, Asmah Hj. Yahaya, Mohd Zobir Hussein , Zulkarnain Za...
Anthranilic Acid, Intercalation, Layered Double Hydroxide, Nanocomposites References

Nanocomposites of zinc-aluminium-anthranilate (ZAAN) have been synthesized at different concentrations of anthranilic acid by co-precipitation method. These materials have been examined in detail by p... 9 months ago

Post Choice Satisfaction among Nigerian Students Studying in Malaysian Universities: A Pilot Study
Aliyu Bukola Biodun, Abdul Kadir Haji Din, Aliyu Olayemi Abdullateef
student satisfaction, perceived expectation, perceived service quality

Purpose – This research aims at developing a conceptual framework and valid prepositions of the impacts of Nigerian students’ perceived expectation on perceived quality and satisfaction with Mal... 9 months ago

Preliminary Cost Estimation Using Regression Analysis Incorporated With Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
Yusuf Latief, Wisnu Isvara, Andreas Wibowo
Preliminary Cost Estimates, Regression Analysis, Neuro Fuzzy

Preliminary cost estimates play an important role in project decisions at the beginning of design phase of construction project under a limited definition of scope and constraints in available informa... 9 months ago

C-Reactive Protein and Serum Amyloid A Overexpression in Lung Tissues of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients: A Case-Control Study
Jose Luis López-Campos1,2,3,, Carmen Calero1,2,3, Belén Rojano1, Marta Lóp...
COPD, C-reactive protein, Serum Amyloid A, gene expression, immunohistochemistry.

Background. Although researchers have consistently demonstrated systemic inflammation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), its origin is yet unknown. We aimed to compare the lung bronchi... 9 months ago

Best Practices in Training of Employees: A Framework for Training the Personnel of Social Partners and NGOs
Nikos Papadakis, Argyris Kyridis, Prokopis Pandis, Christos Zagkos
: adult education, best practices, training of employees, lifelong learning

In the modern, knowledge-driven economy, it has been argued that people must upgrade their skills in order to remain competitive and to prepare for frequent changes in jobs. Adult learning is seen e... 9 months ago

Effect of Information Communication Technology on Human Resources Productivity of The Iranian National Oil Company
Yusuf Latief, Wisnu Isvara, Andreas Wibowo
Preliminary Cost Estimates, Regression Analysis, Neuro Fuzzy

Preliminary cost estimates play an important role in project decisions at the beginning of design phase of construction project under a limited definition of scope and constraints in available informa... 9 months ago

Effect of Information Communication Technology on Human Resources Productivity of The Iranian National Oil Company
Mohammad Abaee Shoushtary
Human Resources Management, Information Communication Technology, Productivity

The present study’s goals are to investigate the effect of Information Communication Technology (ICT) dimensions on work force productivity. The statistical population of the study was all managers ... 9 months ago

Leadership Standards: Marginalizing Diversity
Joe Corrigan
leadership; diversity; leadership standards; organizational theory

This article adopts a macro perspective on the role of leadership standards to comment on the sociological impact of their implementation. Where the growing diversity of learners in Canadian schools... 9 months ago

Areca Nut Chewing and Risk of Atrial Fibrillation in Taiwanese Men: A Nationwide Ecological Study
Wei-Chung Tsai 1,2, Chung-Yu Chen3, Hsuan-Fu Kuo1, Ming-Tsang Wu 4,5, Wei-Hua Ta...
Atrial Fibrillation, Areca Nut Chewing

Background: Areca nut chewing is associated with the risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, and cardiovascular mortality. Although a few case reports or case series have suggested the li... 9 months ago

Integrating Quality Management And Value Management Methods: Creating Value Added For Building Projects
Mohammed Ali Berawi, Bambang Susantono, Hamzah Abdul-Rahman, Mustika Sari, Sesmi...
Building Projects, Energy Efficiency, Innovation, Quality Management, Value Management

\The construction industry has a vast impact on the environment and the economy. Construction project performance requires a focus on increasing the resource efficiency and reducing the impact on the ... 9 months ago

Service Learning Through Mission and Ministry
Clarissa Lopez, Kuan Chen Tsai
service learning, experimental learning, reflective observation, university mission

The purpose of this study was to determine if student’s perceptions of service learning projects lead to an understanding the mission of the University of the Incarnate Word. It is through the ser... 9 months ago

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