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Assessing Globalization of International Trade: Effects on Ghana’s Agriculture sector Growth.
Collins Adu Takyi
Employment; globalization; Agriculture; GDP; Inflation and International trade

This paper examines the people ideas on globalization of trade effect on agriculture sector growth on the Ghana’s economy.Many researchers suggest that the "globalization" of the international trade... 4 months ago

Examine the Effects of Inflation and Banking Sector Indicators Performance on GDP Growth Annually: Case Study Turkey
Collins Adu Takyi
inflation, banking sector and GDP growth

The GDP growth in Turkey 2018 decline abnormally as a result of the Turkish Lira (TL) depreciation against United State dollar($) quarterly 2018. In view of that, the researcher investigated into the ... 4 months ago

Job Creation Patterns in the Malaysian Manufacturing Sector: Does Technology Matter?
Benyamin Kusumoputro, Dede Sutarya, Akhmad Faqih
Hardness, Heating rate, Hydrophobicity, Sugarcane bagasse, Torrefaction

The Malaysian government claims that the implementation of advanced technology in the production process following the Economic Transformation Program (ETP) will create many jobs in the economy. To ev... 4 months ago

Multistage Logistic Regression Model for Analyzing Survival from Colorectal Cancer
Maya Arlini Puspasari, Erlinda Muslim, Boy Nurtjahyo Moch, Andreas Aristides
Low Latency Queuing (LLQ), Quality of Service (QoS), Real time applications, Scheduling algorithms, Wireless networks

Colorectal cancer, which is also known as bowel cancer, colon cancer, or rectal cancer, is the third most common cancer worldwide, and the second most common in Malaysia. In most situations, the tumor... 4 months ago

A Sentiment Analysis Visualization System for the Property Industry
James Julian, Harinaldi , Budiarso , Revan Difitro, Parker Stefan
Kinetics, Long-term operation, Pipeline steels, Pre-strain, Strain-aging

The usage of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, either by the public or by organizations, has been rapidly increasing. The decision-makers in the organizations use social media to en... 4 months ago

The Impact of Road Pavement on Urban Heat Island (UHI) Phenomenon
Maria Elfani
Medicine sharing, Medicine borrowing, Medicine lending, Non-recreational sharing, Auckland

in urban heat island (UHI) is a climatic phenomenon caused by modifications to the climate due to changes in the form and composition of the land surface and atmosphere. The aim of this study is to in... 4 months ago

A Field Investigation of Thermal Comfort Parameters in Green Building Index (GBI)-Rated Office Buildings in Malaysia
Inaki Maulida Hakim, Vidyahningtyas Istiyanti
International Journal of Medical Sciences

This field investigation of thermal comfort parameters in Green Building Index (GBI)-rated office buildings employing various façade-shading devices compared thermal performance in terms of four main... 4 months ago

Assessment of Composting Technologies for Organic Waste Management
Yusuf Latief, Wisnu Isvara, Andreas Wibowo
IMCI, Better medicines for children, Dosage formulations and Uganda

Organic waste disposal in landfills has created various environmental issues, such as greenhouse gas emissions and leachate. Awareness of this issue has resulted in diverting landfill to compost. Thus... 4 months ago

Environmental Technological Innovation and Its Contribution to Sustainable Development
H. B. Aditiya, K. P. Sing, M. Hanif, T. M. I. Mahlia
solid waste, recycling, recovery factor, economic benefit

Globally, global warming, resource depletion, and increased solid waste volumes have become major concerns for international governments. This paper aims to address Malaysia’s competitiveness in the... 4 months ago

Load-Bearing Masonry Technology: Success Factors and Challenges of Implementation in the Malaysian Construction Industry
I Gede Pasek Suta Wijaya, Ni Nyoman Kencanawati
I-V characteristics, P-I-N diode, SOI, Sensor, Temperature

This study aims to identify the success factors and challenges of implementing load-bearing masonry (LBM) technology in the Malaysian construction industry. The success factors and challenges of imple... 4 months ago

Turnover Intention and Job Satisfaction among Quantity Surveyors
Jovanio Junior, Rogério Marcos, Carlos Tenório, Alexandre Mateus, Ciro Egoavil
Hold-up, Mean drop diameter, Rotating sieved disc contactor

Within the framework of human resource management, this study focuses on the issues of turnover intention and job satisfaction in the context of quantity surveying firms. Turnover intention leads to a... 4 months ago

Adoption of the Systematic Facilities Management Approach to the Sustainable Performance of Mosques
Nachwan Adriansyah, Muhamad Asvial, Bagio Budiarjo
Nevirapine, Reaction ratio, Proportional reaction ratio, Adverse reaction, Signal, Skin, Liver, Grade III, Grade IV

Mosques play a vital role in the Islamic community. Philosophically, they have been developed not only as places of worship, but also to function as a centre for various aspects of... 4 months ago

Impact of Knowledge Sharing Determinants on Improving Performance of Facilities Management
Hairul Abral, Eko Kasmianto, Mastariyanto Perdana
Heat exchanger, Horizontal pipe, Slugging, Steam condensation, Two-phase flow

The delivery process for facilities management (FM) is critical during operational and maintenance stages when it ensures that all facilities are at their best performance in support of orga... 4 months ago

A Cause of Communication Failure in Managing Industrialized Building System (IBS) Projects: A Perspective View from Project Managers
Mohammed Ali Berawi
gas spring, improvement , stochastic optimization, Monte Carlo simulation

An effective communication process is an important element in distributing information to various project teams. The previous study demonstrates the importance of communication in the project manageme... 4 months ago

Creating a Sustainable Future Through the Integration of Management, Design, and Technology
Jovanio Junior, Rogério Marcos, Carlos Tenório, Alexandre Mateus, Ciro Egoavil
Debaryomyces hansenii, Desalination, Microbial Desalination Cell, Salt removal, Single culture

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the collection of global sustainability goals set by the United Nations General Assembly and they are widely drawn on and paid particular attention to by three... 4 months ago

Building a Smarter City
Siti Farhanah SM Johan, Chee-Ming Chan
Ergonomics, Fatigue measurement, Karolinska Sleepiness Scale, Psychomotor vigilance teste

The paper recognizes that we live in a period that marks the end of an old era and the start of a new digitally enabled era. The role of creativity becomes ever more important as the evolution of the ... 4 months ago

Improving the Quality of Pyrolysis Oil from CoImproving the Quality of Pyrolysis Oil from Co-firing High-density Polyethylene Plastic Waste and Palm Empty Fruit Bunches-firing High-density Polyethylene Plastic Waste and Palm Empty Fruit Bunches
Rengkung, Boy Nurtjahyo, Harun Al Rasyid
solid waste, recycling, recovery factor, economic benefit

This study aimed to produce and improve the quality of pyrolysis oil as a source of bioenergy that is made by mixing palm empty fruit bunch (EFB) with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic waste. T... 4 months ago

Turbulence Models Application in Air Flow of Crossflow Turbine
Eko Adhi Setiawan, Khairiah Dewi
As medicines are becoming more targeted and complex in the U.S., ensuring patients’ safe use of medications with known dangerous risks is critical for public health and safety. Therefore, the Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) program is mor

Using the CFD method as the initial analysis for experiments has more benefits, including saving time and costs. The variable of flow parameters and geometry can be easily developed to get the desired... 4 months ago

Exploratory Investigation of Challenges and Expectations of Innovative Quantity Surveyors and Quantity Surveying Firms in Ghana
Sachin Naik, Pravin Metkewar
solid waste, recycling, recovery factor, economic benefit

Like other professions that wish to remain competitive, the quantity surveying profession (QSP) will always find ways to improve its output and systems. Despite the QSPs progress in process innovation... 4 months ago

Land Ecological Enhancement, Greenship Neighborhood 1.0: A Theoretical and Concept Study into the Design Framework of a Sustainable Built Environment
Teguh Endah Saraswati, Kartiko Nugroho, Miftahul Anwar
Gas leak, Fire prevention, Simulation

Greater Bandung is the third largest metropolitan city in Indonesia. The population growth of Bandung, recorded as 0.37 p.a, makes a significant contribution to the physical development of the city&nb... 4 months ago

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