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2032 Articles
The Effect of Monetary Policy Rate on the Performance of Listed Banks in Ghana over Five-year Period
Bernardette Naa Hoffman, Emmanuel Assifuah-Nunoo
Monetary policy rate, Cash reserve rate, Minimum rediscount rate, Interest rate, Liquidity rate

Monetary policy is the flexible regulation of money supply by monetary authorities to achieve specified or desired economic goals. Most governments attempt to regulate the degree of expansion of so... 2 days ago

Influence of Leadership Styles on Staff Retention: A Review of Literature
Evelyn Asianab
Staff retention, leadership style, motivated, work environment, employee turnover

Prior to the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, the majority of people joined organizations and stayed for a very long time, sometimes for the duration of their working lives. This study is a rev... 3 days ago

Effect of Information Management Practices on Organisational Performance in Selected Organisations in Ghana
Opoku Mustapha Osman
Information management, organisational performance, information technology, managerial, technological

The study examined the information management practices in organisations in Ghana and how they are influencing organisational performance from a management perspective. Well-established theories suc... 3 days ago

Transformations in Traditional Medicine Practice: An Example from the Practice of a Family of Bonesetters in Accra
Stephen Owoahene-Acheampong
Traditional medicine, herbalist, herbal clinic, herbal treatment, bonesetting, Ghana

There has emerged in Ghana, and in some other African countries, traditional medical practitioners (TMPs) have diversified their practice of traditional medicine (TM) by integrating of other medica... 3 days ago

The Effect of Loan Portfolio Management on the Performance of Banks in Ghana
Emmanuel Assifuah-Nunoo
Loan portfolio, financial performance, small and medium-sized enterprise, Ghana

The objective of the study is to determine the influence of loan portfolio management on the financial performance of banks in Ghana. The study adopted an explanatory cross-sectional survey as its r... 4 days ago

Access to Finance, Financial Literacy and Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises Sustainable Performance
Emmanuel Assifuah-Nunoo
Finance, Financial Literacy, Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises, sustainable performance

A sustainable performance of an organization is an organization that works with a successful management organization by people of the firm who are aware through learning to satisfy customers and oth... 4 days ago

Relationship between Head Teachers' Leadership Styles and Teachers' Commitment in Ledzokuku Municipality
Ruth Morkor Boye
Commitment, relationship between head teachers, leadership styles, Ghana

The study made an effort to look at the connection between teacher commitment and leadership philosophies. The study found a substantial and favorable association between overall leadership style a... 1 week ago

Commitment Level of Teachers in Public Basic Schools in the Ledzokuku Municipality
Ruth Morkor Boye
Teachers, commitment level, public basic schools, Ghana

In educational institutions, writers have explicitly established that leadership style is among the pillars of education. The commitment level of teachers can vary based on several factors, includin... 2 weeks ago

Nature of Leadership Style Employed by Head Teachers in Public Basic Schools in the Ledzokuku Municipality
Ruth Morkor Boye
Teachers, schools, affective commitment, nature of leadership, head teachers

The study examines the nature of leadership styles employed by head teachers in public basic schools in the Ledzokuku Municipality. A cross-sectional sample method was used in this research. This a... 2 weeks ago

Comparison of Head Teachers and Teachers’ Perception of Leadership Styles
Ruth Morkor Boye
Teachers, head teachers, leadership styles

The research study seeks to compare Head Teachers' and Teachers’ Perceptions of Leadership Styles. The study found that authoritarian and laissez-faire leadership styles were more popular among he... 2 weeks ago

Health Workers’ Commitment in Decision-Making and the Performance of Health Institutions
Fapetu Oluwadamilola Esther
Employees’, engagement, institutions, health workers’, Ghana

Employees’ engagement in organizational decision-making shows that each employee is a different person, not just a component of a mechanism.  Employees’ commitment to decision-making has n... 2 weeks ago

The Ghana School Feeding Programme and Pupils’ Enrolment in Selected Basic Schools
Mohammed Amakye
Education, students, children, school feeding, basic schools, Ghana

Education, as they say, is the key to success. However, school dropout and low participation have been a concern for some basic schools in Ghana. The aim of the study was to investigate the contrib... 2 weeks ago

Factors Influencing the Practice of Self-Medication among Traders of Techiman Central Market
Chukwuma Chinaza Adaobi
Self-Medication, Medicines, Traders, Practice of Self-Medication, Ghana

Medicines play an integral part of the health system; they are not only needed to save lives and promote health but also in preventing disease and other disasters like outbreaks. Medicines are one ... 2 weeks ago

Performance of work and Intelligence of Emotion: An Empirical Assessment of their Relationship
Gideon Hackman, Evelyn Boateng, Rebecca Tetteh
self-emotions awareness, management of own emotions, others’ emotions management, productivity, job outcomes

This empirical work evaluated the intelligence of the emotion-work performance nexus. The paper specifically examined whether differences exist between the intelligence of emotion dimensions in wor... 2 weeks ago

Effect of Class Size on The Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Senior High Schools
James Kwabena Odum, Stephen Nanyele
Large Class Size, Classroom Interactions, Academic Performance, Senior High Schools

This study sought to determine the extent to which large class sizes influenced the manner in which teaching and learning were mediated in senior high schools. To achieve this, the survey design was e... 3 weeks ago

Do K. B Amihere (2015) I Spoke For Freedom: History And Politics Of The Ghana Press. Published By DigiBooks Ghana Limited, Gh100.00
David Larweh Baako
Freedom, Politics, Freedom: History, Ghana

I spoke for Freedom: history and Politics of the Ghana Press is a book that recounts the professional journey of an accomplished media luminary who has worked in all aspects of the media space in Ghan... 3 weeks ago

Economic Effects of Oil and Gas Production and Management on the Ghanaian Economy
Bernardette Naa Hoffman
Ghana, oil, gas, resources curse, economic development and growth

This paper offers a systematic analysis of the likely economic effects of oil and gas production and management on the Ghanaian economy. The paper has been motivated by the fact that some empirical... 4 weeks ago

Monetary Deepening and Economic Growth in Ghana
Bernardette Naa Hoffman
Economic Growth, financial deepening, banking sector, Ghana

Using quarterly data from 1993 to 2018, this study examined the connection between economic development and financial deepening for the instance of Ghana. Real GDP per capita was used to assess eco... 4 weeks ago

The Impact of Money Market Activities on the Economic Growth of Ghana
Bernardette Naa Hoffman
Money market, money laundering, economic growth, Ghana

The study examined the impact of money market activities on the economic growth of Ghana from 1981-2020. Data for the study were collected from the national bureau of Statistics and CBG Statistical... 4 weeks ago

The Application of Computer in Motor Vehicle Registration over Manual System
Atianashie Miracle A
computer, registration, motor licensing

The research looks at the limitations of manual motor vehicle registration and brings out a clearer need for the application of computers in motor vehicle registration. The paper equally exposes the c... 1 month ago

Knowledge of HIV Status and Barriers to HIV Testing Services among the Youth
Chukwuma Chinaza Adaobi, Dr. Jacob Abebrese
Stochastic frontier function, cobb-douglas, translog, cross-sectional data, cassava

Globally, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection remains a public health threat and is worse in Sub-Saharan Africa. HIV/AIDS in Ghana is a serious concern and a threat to the youth, which con... 1 month ago

News-ness and Hybridity of News: What Audiences Consider News in Ghana
Prof. Peter N. Amponsah, Mavis Okyere
Audience, news-democracy narrative, hybrid media, genre, news-ness

Today's information ecosystem generates a news media landscape that is multi-faceted and open beyond the traditional news-democracy narrative. Using an audience-centered approach in a survey of 419... 1 month ago

Hand Hygiene Practices among Nurses and Midwives at the Hospital in the Covid-19 Era
Carlos Yeboah, Samuel Yaw-Opoku, Richard Kwesi Henneh
Hand hygiene, handwashing, practices, nurses, midwives, handwashing facilities

The purpose of this study is to assess hand hygiene practices among nurses and midwives at the hospital in this COVID-19 era. The survey employed a health facility-based cross-sectional study design... 1 month ago

Student Academic Performance and Single Parenting: A Theoretical Perspective
Daniel Kessie
students, families, academic performance, theories

This study reviewed theories that explain how single parenting influences the academic performance of students. Theories that were reviewed include the Family Deficit Model, the Risk and Protective ... 2 months ago

Improving coverage of antenatal iron and folic acid supplementation and malaria prophylaxis through targeted information and home deliveries in Côte d’Ivoire: a cluster randomized controlled trial.
Siaka Koné, Nicole Probst-Hensch, Daouda Dao, Jürg Utzinger
prophylaxis, antenatal, folic acid, Côte d’Ivoire

Introduction Coverage of antenatal iron and folic acid (IFA) supplementation and malaria chemoprophylaxis remains low in many low-income and middle-income settings. We assessed the effectiveness ... 2 months ago

Vulvovaginal Candidiasis among Women of Reproductive Age: Prevalence and Asociated Factors
Maxwell Owusu Peprah, Alfred Kuranchie, Charles Agyeman Prempeh, Philip Amo-Kodi...
Women, Vulvovaginal candidiasis, Reproductive age, Dormaa central municipality

Candida overgrowth causes vulvovaginal candidiasis. Most women of reproductive age become infected once, but some get re-infected, leading to issues such as pre-term labour, infertility, and neo-natal... 2 months ago

Implementation of Medical Image Watermarking Using RDWT and SVD for Secure Medical Data Transmission in Healthcare Systems
Atianashie Miracle A, Chukwuma Chinaza Adaobi, Eneji Samuel Eneji, Ibe Walter Ey...

In telemedicine, the authenticity and integrity of medical images must be safeguarded. Copyright protection is provided through robust medical image watermarking (MIW) methods, and the original pict... 2 months ago

Postoperative chemotherapy in patients with rectal cancer receiving preoperative radio(chemo)therapy: A meta-analysis of randomized trials comparing surgery a fluoropyrimidine and surgery þ a fluoropyrimidine oxaliplatin
K. Bujko a, B. Glimelius b, V. Valentini c, W. Michalski d, M. Spalek
Rectal cancer, Adjuvant chemotherapy, Oxaliplatin-combination

Background: There is no consensus on the role of postoperative chemotherapy in patients with rectal cancer who have received preoperative radio(chemo)therapy. Materials and methods: A systematic rev... 2 months ago

Molecular docking and in-silico predictive analysis of potential herbdrug interactions between Momordica charantia and Empagliflozin
Karun Venkatesan Uma , Jacob Vineth Martin , Gunasekaran Sutheeswaran , Raman Ra...
Empagliflozin, Momordica charantia, herb-drug interactions, molecular docking, simulation, pharmacokinetics.

The most prominent sequel of multidrug regimens in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients include polypharmacy, non-compliance with medications, and increased financial burden. An extensive study on benefi... 2 months ago

Academic Performance of Single-Parented Pupils in Public Basic Schools
Daniel Kessie
academic performance, single parented, public basic schools

This study examines the academic performance of single-parented pupils in public basic schools in the Berekum Municipality in the Bono region of Ghana by comparing and analyzing pupils’ academic ... 2 months ago

Audiences' Choice of Sources and Verification of News: Do Age and Educational Level Matter in Ghana?
Peter N. Amponsah, Mavis Okyere
audience, validation of news, traditional media, demographic characteristics, social media, news-democracy

Today's news media landscape exposes audiences to multi-faceted media choices. Using an audience-centered approach in a cross-sectional survey of 419 respondents, we examined the audience's choice o... 2 months ago

Improving school feeding through participation: should the teacher be actively involved?
Issah Iddrisu
Stakeholder participation, Educational programme, School feeding, Teacher participation

Purpose – Maintaining the success of educational institutions largely depends on the teacher. It is the teacher whose main efforts and contribution help in achieving the goals in education. The pur... 2 months ago

Do Teaching Models Affect Students' Academic Performance
Noble Amoako Sarkodie
ADDIER, ASSURER, eta square, models, reflection

The study's objective was to evaluate how the ADDIER and ASSURER models affected the academic performance of students. A test was used to collect data from Sunyani Technical University's final-year... 3 months ago

The Role of Human Resource Development Professionals in Accelerating Growth in Contemporary Organizations
Isaac Sardello Kodzo Agbesi
Human Resource Development Professionals, Contemporary Organizations, Employee skills

Human resource development is a framework for managing, enhancing, and maximizing employee skills, capabilities, and proficiencies within an organization. These roles are performed by HRD professio... 3 months ago

The Effect of Reward and Motivation Strategies on the Performance of Ordained Ministers in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana
Rev. Bright Ofosu Asiedu
Rewards, motivation, ordained ministers, Presbyterian Church, Ghana

Contemporary and extant literature had focused on the impact of direct and indirect rewards on workers’ motivation in both public and private sectors of the labor force. It was, therefore, exigent... 3 months ago

Fishing Activities and Academic Life of Junior High School Students at APAM in the Central Region of Ghana
Isaac Kwasi Henyo, Thomas Amoako Mensah, Francisca Konadu
Fishing, education, academic life, JHS (Junior High School Students), fishing communities, Ghana

This study assessed how students combine academic work with fishing activities. The main objective was to investigate how fishing activities affect students’ education and how it influences their... 3 months ago

Factors Influencing Teenage Pregnancy in the Birim North District in the Eastern Region of Ghana
Mary Achiaa
Teenage pregnancy, influence, factors

Globally, teenage pregnancy has persistently posed serious challenges. Young girls giving birth earlier has serious public health and social concerns. About 95% teenage pregnancies occur in developi... 3 months ago

Qualities of a Good Lecturer: Students' Perspectives
Stephen Nanyele, Kaku Sagary Nokoe
Good lecturers, qualities, student’s perspective

The paper set out to describe what CUG students considered as the most desirable (best) attributes or characteristics of a good lecturer. The cross-sectional descriptive survey was designed along q... 3 months ago

A Literature Review on Management Practices among Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Elida Serwaa Adjei-Boateng
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Business Management, Economic growth, Investment, Accounting Information and Entrepreneurs

Medium and Small sized Enterprise management is the act of aligning and integrating all facets of a small business, including managing your staff, vendors, finances, business strategy, and day-to-da... 4 months ago

Do Teaching Models Affect Students Academic Performance
Noble Amoako Sarkodie
ADDIER, ASSURER, eta square, models, reflection

The study's objective was to evaluate how the ADDIER and ASSURER models affected the academic performance of students. A test was used to collect data from Sunyani Technical University's final-year ... 4 months ago

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